Prices 2021

Harbour fees 2021


Electricity and filling of freshwatertanks included in the harbourfee,
you are also free to use the services in the harbour office (toiletts, shower, sauna).

Under periods of watering ban it´s not allowed to wash boats in freshwater.

Recycling bins for white and coloured glass, paper, metal and plastic. Dumpster for household garbage. 


We offer 100 berths, mostly between Y-booms.

Some berths along the jetty for mooring is also available.


Laundryroom with 2 washing machines, 2 tumbledryer and 2 drying cabinets. (125kr /2h)

Prices 2021 (incl. electricity, 10 ah. crew 1-5persons)


3,4 meter widh berth (north side of C-jetty)             300 kr 

3,8 - 4,0 meter widh berth (B & C jetty)                   330 kr 

3,8- 4,5 meter widh berth (A-jetty)                           350 kr



Mooring along side of pier;

(incl. electricity, 10 ah. crew 1-5persons)

Outside of the pier or along side the jetty, inside of pier.


Longside mooring      up to 14 m boat (<47 fot)         400 kr 

Longside mooring     14-16 m boat (47-52 fot)           500 kr 

Longside mooring     16-18 m  (53-60 fot)                  650 kr

Longside morring      over 18 m                                 750 kr


Checkning in & out

Checkning in from 10.00 and checkning out latest at 14:00 (2:00 PM).
Harbourfee for overnight stay is valid until 15:00 (3 PM).

Checking in before 10:00 (AM) the fee is valid for 24 hours.


 Long time stay

You are welcome to book a berth for longer time, maybe you want to leave your boat i Nyköping and go home for a period of time!? Stockholm-Skavsta Airport are within 15 minuts from harbour.

Ask us for the "Pre summer offer"! 




Commercial ships book via Nyköpings kommuns Hamnkontor on phone: +46  155 -24 88 00.